Ivonne Kawas, March 23, 2016 | 2 min read

4 Reasons Why TTS Has Been Self-Empowering

Time sure does fly. It seems like it was yesterday that I was sitting at ale on oak, meeting our instructor and cohort ­classmates, along with Lindsay, the TTS New Orleans Community Organizer. As we plan our next steps and embark on a new journey, it is always good to look back.

Why did I join TTS in the first place? Yes, it always starts with the WHY! As someone aiming to find purpose, I decided to focus my energy on what makes me tick and come alive. The truth is that I’ve always had a fondness for technology and web design. I’m an advocate of empowering girls, education technology, and projects that make an impact in the world. As I connected the dots, I decided that what I really needed to do first, before making any type of career change, was to empower myself. How? By learning how to code.

Here are 4 reasons why learning to code and joining TTS has been self-empowering:

1.     There is nothing more powerful than learning to code. Learning to code and building your own web applications is life changing! As you stumble through glitches, you learn to be brave, committed, and to persevere. Now that I’ve started to code, I’ll be able to commit and do something BIG, and persevere until I turn my mission of empowering others through technology into a reality.

2.     Sharing stories with your classmates can be invaluable and motivating. As coding newbies, it can be overwhelming at first, but as you share stories about late nights and broken programs, you feel encouraged as you realize your classmates are on the same page. As we prepare for the last day of the code immersion program, it is rewarding to look back at the progress we’ve all made. Also, it is motivating to hear how we’re all planning on making an impact by implementing what we’ve learned at our full-time jobs or side-hustles.

3.     You can learn so much by just seeing how kids approach coding challenges (and it may also melt your heart.) As part of the program, we got to teach kids to code. It was an amazing experience to see their enthusiasm as they coded their own web applications. Yes, as a techie, it sure melted my heart! You can learn so much by just observing the way they approach classroom challenges, and it makes you realize that when learning to code, it is all about your attitude and approach.

4.     As you strive for finding a purpose, networking can lead your way. Hearing success stories of entrepreneurs in the New Orleans Community was motivating, and as an advocate of learning from others, it can lead your way to personal growth and development. Plus, as you attend events, you never know whom you will meet; you could be talking to a future business partner.

So, for all those who are also trying to find a purpose, don’t be afraid to go and empower yourself first. Focus your energy on what makes you tick and come alive, like Howard Thurman said, “Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it! Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”  🙂