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18 Military Veterans in Tech You Should be Following

If we know anything about veterans and active military folks, it’s that they are agile and excel in the face of uncertainty. And if we’ve learned one thing in 2020, it’s that we can pretty much count on uncertainty. That’s why we wanted to highlight an extraordinary and (at times) untapped resource for tech talent – military veterans. 

Below are 18 standout veterans in technology who are going way above and beyond the call of duty to advance the profession they love and transform the industry by sharing great content in the worlds of veterans affairs and tech.


Alicia Hanf

#1 – Alicia Hanf

US Army Veteran, Head of Strategy at Baron Davis Enterprises, VP of Sales & Marketing at Vargas Andrews, Speaker, Community Builder, and previously the CEO and creator of Saylo Classroom, a student engagement app that exists to help bridge the communication gap that exists in the classroom.
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Bryson Bort

#2 – Bryson Bort

US Army Veteran, and (somebody ask this guy how he hacked the 24-hour workday):

  • CEO & Founder of SCYTHE (@scythe_io), a next generation red team platform for continuous and realistic enterprise risk assessments
  • CEO, Founder, & Chairman of GRIMM (@grimmcyber), a security engineering and consulting services backed by research and development in delivering the art of the possible in cybersecurity
  • Senior Fellow at R Street Institute (@rsi), a free market think tank advancing real solutions to complex policy problems
  • Senior Fellow at The National Security Institute (@MasonNatSec), dedicated to finding practical answers to national security law and policy questions
  • Co-Founder of ICS Village (@ICS_Village), a non-profit 501c3 for education and awareness of Industrial Control System security
  • Advisor at Army Cyber Insitutue (@ArmyCyberInst), Cyber Security & Infrastructure Agency (@CISAGov), and more

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Catheryne Nicholson

#3 – Catheryne Nicholson

US Navy Veteran and CEO & Founder of BlockCypher (@BlockCypher). the leading Blockchain Web Services (BWS) company enabling companies to easily build blockchain applications. Advocating for girls in STEM!
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Charles Cathlin

#4 – Charles Cathlin

US Airforce Veteran and CEO & Co-Founder of TruGenomix, a behavioral health company using the power of genomics to advance the diagnosis and treatment of PTSD. Charles’ experiences at ground zero after the 9/11 attacks compelled him to pivot his career to develop his expertise and experience in medical technology and mental health interventions.
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Charlynda Scales

#5 – Charlynda Scales

US Air Force Veteran, CEO of Mutt’s Sauce, Entrepreneur, and Speaker.
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Chris Molaro

#6 – Chris Molaro

US Army Veteran and CEO & Co-Founder of @NeuroFlowLive, promoting behavioral health access and engagement in all care settings to improve outcomes, overall wellness and cost of care.
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Don Hobson

#7 – Don Hobson
US Navy Veteran and Chief Information Officer at Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments.
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David Cass

#8 – David Cass

US Navy Veteran, Business Development at Techstars, and previously CEO & Co-Founder of Uvize, the “virtual veterans center” helping vet services to better manage their teams.
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Gregory Coleman

#9 – Gregory Coleman 

US Airforce Veteran, CEO & Co-Founder of Sworkit, a Digital Fitness company dedicated to making fitness accessible to people of all ages by providing guided exercise programs anywhere and anytime. Coleman holds a part-time advisory role at the District of Columbia National Guard, MilSpec Capital, and Defense Innovation Unit (DIU).
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Ken Robbins

#10 – Ken Robbins

US Army Veteran, Senior Fellow at The American Security Project, and Co-Founder & CEO at MILLIE (@gomillie_com), an online community and digital marketplace that connects members of an underserved market with specialized knowledge and trusted agents to remove the stress and anxiety of the military moving process. 
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Krissa Watry

#11 – Krissa Watry

US Airforce Veteran, Founder & CEO of Dynepic (providing digital infrastructure to power a thriving ecosystem for your brand’s app innovation, immersive learning and direct engagement), and Co-Founder & Inventor at Dynepic Sports (Innovative sports related equipment centered around our patented Spiral Strength grip technology.). 
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Laura Jones PhD

#12 – Laura Jones, PhD

US Army Veteran, Director of Governance, Risk & Compliance at Hearst, and Instructor at Carnegie Mellon University. Not to mention an award-winning cybersecurity and information technology Risk Strategist. 


Mark Rockefeller

#13 – Mark Rockefeller

US Airforce Veteran and Co-Founder & CEO of StreetShares, one of America’s fastest-growing financial technology platforms that powers banks, credit unions, and non-financial organizations to make more small business loans.
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Michael Janke

#14 – Michael Janke

Former US Navy SEAL, Co-Founder of Data Tribe, a unique startup foundry that takes startup teams focused on Cyber Security and Data Science technologies out of Government Agencies, Defense, Technology Centers and Research Labs to co-build fast growing commercial technology companies solving complex business and Global enterprise problems. Michael is also a Venture Capitalist, Author, and Board Member at Strider, Prevailion, Dragos, and MindBridge Ai.
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Michael Pleasant

#15 – Michael Pleasant

US Marine Corps Veteran, CEO of Open Security (military-grade information security services to the private sector.), and Co-Founder of (gaming for good).
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Sam Meek

#16 – Sam Meek

US Marine Corps Veteran and Founder & CEO at Sandboxx (@sandboxx), a media and technology company based out of Arlington, VA that simplifies the military journey and let’s families stay connected via technology as well as physical mail. Investor at WhyHotel and Goodworld, Board of Advisors Member at Fourstay, Blue Star Families, and American Logistics Association.
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Susan Peediyakkal

#17 – Susan Peediyakkal

US Airforce Veteran, Director of Threat Intelligence, Technologist Fellow at The National Security Institute (@MasonNatSec), Founder & Co-Director of BSides Sacramento (a one-day information security conference), and Board Member of: Purple Team Summit (SANS Institute), Certified Threat Intelligence Analysts (EC-Council), Mental Health Hackers Chief Wellness Officer.


Yusuf Henriques

#18 – Yusuf Henriques

US Army Veteran, Co-Founder & CEO of CodeClear (Pioneering simple products that enable humans to live safely in a world of infectious disease and viral pandemics), Chief Strategy Officer at wePool Inc (wePool AI provides a computational testing strategy that leverages Artificial Intelligence to predict a subject’s probability of testing positive for COVID-19, and uses it to segment test populations into distinct pools.), and Founder of TruGenomix (a precision genomics company developing solutions for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by offering non-self reporting screening tools with actionable insights). *queue intense walk-out music*
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